social overhaul 
New extensive social template library created to elevate and codify Postclick's social media presence. I implemented quarterly color stories to reign in the usage of our vast brand color  library. Content and campaign  design then followed suit, ensuring cohesiveness.
Digital marketing assets: ads, case studies, ebooks
Usage of brand pattern and color across a variety of digital marketing visuals.
Postclick launch
Official Postclick product Launch campaign designs and advertising.
instapage brand overhaul
Instapage is the long standing bread and butter of the Postclick family. For this reason, we felt we owed it to our customers  to bring the brand into the future using better composition, up leveling the generic palette and rudimentary shapes to have a clear brand standpoint, and most importantly, to define new photography standards, indicative of our energetic and diverse customer base.
Above: Old brand

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